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Advanced non-surgical nerve-muscle-joint pain treatment: If you qualify for our care, our lead doctor along with our qualified therapists utilize advanced non-surgical treatment approaches that can provide immediate pain relief and restoration of your function.
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Exercise & Rehabilitation Program

Our approach is to focus on developing unique treatment plans that can maximize functional abilities, prevent further episodes and risk of disability by giving the patient the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence to self-manage their own conditions. A series of targeted exercises are specifically designed to improve the quality of life for individuals who suffer from different neuromusculoskeletal conditions such as spinal stenosis, hip/knee arthritis, and etc. The postural retraining program is designed to help individuals with the correction of the spinal alignment. Spinal realignment can help with proper movement of a vertebral joint which can decrease inflammation, and abnormal nerve irritation leading to nervous system dysfunction.

Our combined specialized prehab program will offer a non-surgical treatment that can give you back your pain-free and high-quality life.